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To achieve their mission, Sentient Ventures emphasizes hands-on portfolio management. The investment team has extensive experience in the disciplines of venture capital investment, entrepreneurial management, strategic planning, and independent analysis of high growth emerging companies coupled with deep domain expertise and operating experience. This combined with the requirement that the portfolio companies remain in close proximity to the firm enables the team to take active board and advisory positions within each of the companies with an opportunity to:
  • Increase funding potential - Assist in refining business plans and financial projections, support business development planning and partnership building, aid in recruiting management team and board members, and helping with operational issues and problems.
  • Facilitate follow-on funding - Provide introductions to other venture capitalists, corporate investors, and financial institutions, along with facilitating the development of the investor pitch and offering materials.
  • Validate market and technical strategies - Collaborate on new product development, participate in business feasibility and market research studies, strategic planning, and periodic technical and marketing reviews.
  • Provide access to service provider network - Give referrals to legal, accounting, public relations, marketing, executive recruiting and consulting firms, in addition to industry experts, analysts and other professional service providers.
As such, the portfolio companies get both a credible source of financing and an active partner that understands the company operations with relevant experience in its market.

The high level investment criteria is the most signficant filter of potential investment opportunities. If the intial criteria are met, then a thorough investment process begins.

If your company meets this criteria and you feel that Sentient Ventures would be a good partner, please feel free to submit a business plan.

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