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About Sentient Ventures
  • Angel Investing - the Sentient Ventures principals invest as individuals and as a band of angels.
    Investment size: < $1 million
  • Middle Market Private Equity and Subordiated Debt Funds - investment manager of the Whitecap Texas Opportunity Funds.
    Investment size: $500,000 to $7.0 million 

  • University Focused Venture Capital Funds - through a joint venture with Emergent Technologies, Inc., investing in university based technologies with a current focus on The University of Texas System.
    Investment size: $500,000 to $4.0 million 
If there is interest in the university focused venture capital funds, please contact Emergent Technologies, Inc. directly.

Otherwise, if the opportunity fits the current investment focus, then please feel free to submit a business plan.


The downward correction of the public equity markets has refocused the venture capital community on emerging companies with strong management teams, traditional business models, revenue generating customers, profit growth, and core intellectual property:
  • This has forced venture capital funds to revert back to their roots of hands-on portfolio management. The corresponding need to be meticulous in the balance of time management with fund managers that have deep domain and operating experience can not be underestimated.
  • The investment strategy must now reflect active vs. passive management, lead vs. follow-on financing, a cash reserve used to maintain ownership in the top performing portfolio companies, and time allocated to investing and investor relations. This leads to a dramatic reduction in the ratio of amount of money placed per partner and the number of portfolio companies managed per partner. 
These market conditions have presented Sentient Ventures with an opportunity to add value to the portfolio companies and the fund-of-funds by implementing an investment process that supports both constituents.

To achieve their mission, Sentient Ventures emphasizes hands-on portfolio management. The investment team has extensive experience in the disciplines of venture capital investment, entrepreneurial management, strategic planning, and independent analysis of high growth emerging companies coupled with deep domain expertise and operating experience. This combined with the requirement that the portfolio companies remain in close proximity to the firm enables the team to take active board and advisory positions within each of the companies.

In turn, the portfolio companies get an active partner that understands the company operations with relevant experience in its market. The fund-of-funds gets access to top-tier deal flow, expertise to complete thorough due diligence based on stringent investment criteria, and a team that can utilize the information available to an active portfolio manager to determine if the company should be shutdown (funding discontinued) or to maximize the opportunity for a significant liquidity event for the company.

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